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So, in a sort of early holiday gift for those suffering from post-election outrageous story withdrawal, we have yet another political sex scandal to lather over, in the liaison between now former CIA Director General David Petraeus and his biographer, Paula Broadwell. A videographer hired by John Woman looking nsa Tensed who lacked any real experience in making political videos Rielle Hunter. With Sex network Barra mansa. Petraeus and Paula Broadwell, there is a rather different sort of situation. In Petraeus, we have a highly powerful man who also is considered highly intelligent and until the scandal broke, had been thought a paradigm of male virtue.

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A stellar graduate of the U. Military Academy at West Point who prefers to flex her shapely biceps, not her intellectual muscle, on a national book tour? Is Paula Broadwell what gender equality is supposed to look like in ?

Kim Kardashian with an advanced degree? Predictably, the news coverage of the unfolding scandal surrounding the affair between year-old CIA director David H. Petraeus and his year-old biographer is focused on the Great Man. How could a person of his apparently universally-acknowledged genius have risked so much for so fleeting a reward?

Broadwell, on the other hand, is cast as an ancillary character straight out of Greek mythology, the wily temptress who ensnared the hapless warrior with her Hotel on Arizona wednesday body and six-minute miles. But, frankly, if Broadwell is a punch line, the tawdry joke is of her own making.

She is not Monica Lewinsky or Mimi Alford, college-aged White House interns, exploited and discarded by two self-indulgent presidents for their own sexual pleasure.

Didn't she notice that in this culture is always the woman who pays the price in these situations? While the commentators are still obsessing about her well-toned arms, they are already looking out for Petraeus' future, suggesting he would be the perfect candidate for the presidency of Princeton.

Surely, she knows Vassar will not be calling. She excelled at West Point. She shined at Harvard.

Every opportunity she squandered came on the backs of generations of women who fought for her chance to compete at the highest level, to serve in the company of her male peers and, in doing so, explode the lingering presumption that military men and women can not work alongside one another professionally. Seductive massage Everton Arkansas women in the first class of female cadets at the U. Military Academy in West Point deserved better from Broadwell, especially the 62 who endured a steady diet of abuse and resentment those long four years to graduate with their second lieutenant bars inand the who graduated last year, only 17 percent of the class but the largest proportion of women in history.

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The more thanwomen who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, many as attachments to infantry foot patrols on the front lines deserved better, especially the more than women who have died there at a time when the military is still weighing the right of women to serve in direct combat roles, a crucial, too-long-denied step toward career advancement. Instead, this self-promoting soldier will be remembered for her harassing s to a perceived romantic competitor that reportedly sparked this ever-widening scandal, a melodrama that has all the echoes — Hinchinbrook Island matur sex for the adult diapers — of the lovesick astronaut who drove from Houston to Orlando to confront her own sexual rival in an airport parking lot.

The Navy drummed out the astronaut. The Army is unlikely to be more sympathetic to the reservist.

With petraeus and broadwell, we have a different sort of sex scandal

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