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I live as a straight man with rare flashes of homosexual longing. Yet neither of them is explicitly gay or straight. This moment is equal parts tremendous and uncanny.

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Two best friends living on the streets of Portland as hustlers embark on a journey of self discovery and find their relationship stumbling along the way.

Scott Favor : I only have sex with a guy for money. Mike Waters : Yeah, I know. Scott Favor : And two guys can't love each other. Mike Waters Married women looking nsa Littleton Well, I don't know. I mean I mean, for me, I could love someone even if I, you know, wasn't paid for it I love you, and Scott Favor : Mike Mike Waters : I really wanna kiss you, man Well goodnight, man I love you though You know that I do love you.

Why i love my own private idaho

In. Learn more. Report an issue. All topics. Trailer Director Gus Van Sant. Top credits Director Gus Van Sant. My Own Private Idaho.

Photos Top cast Edit. River Phoenix Mike Waters. Keanu Reeves Scott Favor. James Russo Richard Waters. William Richert Bob Pigeon.

Borders of the heart: queer desire and proper sexualities in gus van sant’s 'my own private idaho'

Rodney Harvey Gary. Chiara Caselli Carmella. Michael Parker Digger. Jessica Makinson Denise as Jessie Thomas. Flea Budd. Grace Zabriskie Alena. Tom Troupe Jack Favor. Udo Kier Hans.

Sally Curtice Jane Lightwork. Robert Lee Pitchlynn Walt.

Mickey Cottrell Daddy Carroll. Wade Evans Wade. Matthew Ebert Coverboy as Matt Ebert. Scott Patrick Green Tennille-GA sex club …. Gus Van Sant. More like this. Watch options.

Storyline Edit. Mike Waters lives on the street and befriends the somewhat older and streetwise Scott Favor who shows him what is necessary to survive.

Lovelorn nostalgia and memory in ‘my own private idaho’

Waters suffers from narcolepsy and can fall asleep at any moment and in almost any circumstance. Favor comes from a rich family and is rebelling against his own background. They travel together extensively - Waters is driven by the need to find his biological mother - and spend time in Italy. Later in life however, Favor has ed mainstream society and has little time for his old friend.

This road will never end. It probably goes all around the world.

Why my own private idaho might be gus van sant’s best film

Wahine sexy webcam R for strong sensuality, language and drug use. Did you know Edit. They apparently caused such a disturbance staying Sex late, getting drunk, partying, and playing music and overtook the house to such an extent, that Van Sant eventually had to move out of his own house and stay with a friend, in order to get some sleep.

Quotes Scott Favor : I only have sex with a guy for money. Mike Waters : Yeah. Connections Edited into The Phoenix Portal User reviews Review. Top review. As this film was also made by Van Sant before he fell off and made Good Will Hunting and psycho- I was looking forward to an off-kilter ride through rent-boy land. What I got was in fact one of my favourite films, and certainly one of the most under-rated American independent films in recent history.

My Own Private Idaho Lonely need a female touch a kind of grimy transcendentalism that almost touches wong-kar-wai territory. The camera swaggers and frames with a touch that the cameraman must have been born with- the exposure always beautiful.

Top falls to the Firnd horny females in Warren Massachusetts. Another revelation is the dialogue- sometimes playing on the Shakespearian themes that riddle the plot- itself private works its way into a psuedo Shakespearian grandeur look at the scenes with Bob in them.

Another touch is the acting- fantastic performances from all concerned especially as it has been noted before River P. But lets not forget Reeves here- he also plays Adult looking casual sex Wrightsville Arkansas fantastic part. But please, regardless of what I have just said- please do not expect much as I did not and then you may emerge from the viewing amazed and glad that you had dedicated your time to this gifted film-maker like I did. FAQ 1. Why is this titled "My Own Private Idaho?

Details Edit. Release date July 20, Japan. United States.

English Italian German. Portland, Oregon, USA. New Line Cinema. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 44min.

Ultra Stereo Dolby SR. Related news. Apr 5 DailyDead.

Contribute to this. Edit. Getting started Contributor Zone. See the full list. Salute to Asian and Pacific American Filmmakers.

My own private idaho

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