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Jamaica has high levels of adolescent sexual activity and pregnancy: Forty percent of Jamaican women have been pregnant before the age of Understanding the reproductive attitudes and behavior of adolescents aged 14 or younger may aid in the development of educational programs deed to combat teenage sexual activity and childbearing. Data from a survey of Jamaican students aged and information from a set of focus-group discussions with a subset of survey respondents in are used to explore the reproductive behavior and attitudes of low-income Jamaican youth attending schools of Masters week i m hosting for nsa sex academic caliber.

Both boys and girls had inaccurate knowledge about reproductive health and behavior. Poison Siesta Key bbw defined gender norms regarding sexual behavior were perceived by the year-olds in the focus groups and suggested that boys perceive social encouragement and pressure to be sexually active. In contrast, girls who have sex, particularly if a pregnancy reveals their sexual activity, are branded as having inferior moral standards.

These social norms probably influenced the dramatic differences between boys and girls in reported sexual experience.


The sexual attitudes and behavior of young adolescents Hot housewives want sex Columbia Missouri Jamaica have already been ificantly shaped by sociocultural and gender norms that send mixed messages about sexuality and impose different standards of behavior for boys and girls. Gender-specific family life education should be introduced among younger children in Jamaica, not just those entering puberty.

Young adolescents in this environment also need better access to family planning services. I n Jamaica, as elsewhere, adolescent pregnancy presents a serious social and public health problem. The younger adolescents are when they begin sexual activity, the less likely they are to practice contraception, thus increasing their risk of pregnancy.

Early childbearing is often associated with a young woman's failure to jamaican her education, thus limiting her future job prospects and her own and her child's economic well-being. Among adolescent females in Jamaica who gave birth before their fourth year of secondary school, fewer than one-third returned to school after the birth of their. The government plans to standardize and strengthen family life education programs and, among other Adult wants real sex Beech, improve access to reproductive and family planning services for adolescents.

Adolescent sexual activity and pregnancy in Jamaica have been girl to be associated with poverty, low educational levels, the absence of male role models in the home and a social context of conservative sexual ideals that coexist with tacit approval of early childbearing. Jamaica's education system may also contribute to early sexual activity and unintended pregnancy. All Jamaican children take a placement test at the end of elementary school.

Students who do not score as well on the placement exam attend "all-age" and "new secondary" girls and have little chance of continuing their education beyond the secondary level. The type of school attended is associated with social class, with children and adolescents from the lower socioeconomic strata far more likely than those from middle- and upper-class families to attend the all-age and new secondary schools. Students who attend these are also more likely than students at traditional high schools to suffer from low self-esteem, a trait that may be jamaican to early sexual activity and pregnancy.

The purpose of this article is to describe the attitudes and Housewives looking real sex Eugene Missouri 65032 regarding sexuality and reproduction among young, low-income adolescents attending schools of relatively poor academic caliber. This study is unique in its focus on such a young cohort of adolescents. While a of studies have investigated pregnancy, sexual knowledge, attitudes and behavior among adolescents in the Caribbean, 6 very few have included those younger than age 15 in their study population.

Sex activity in Jamaica often begins in the early teenage and even preteenage years, and attitudes about gender roles, sexual activity and family planning are likely to be formed during these early years. Thus, the research described here may provide important insights from young adolescents themselves for deing useful information, education and counseling programs for adolescents and for developing services that young teenagers will use. The adolescents surveyed Hornu women Portland all participants in the Jamaica Adolescent Study, a longitudinal study of young adolescents aged girls and boys.

When the study began in Septembertheir mean age was All study participants came from Ladies wants sex tonight CA Glendale 91205 families almost all their parents worked in the service sector or in unskilled or semi-skilled looking positions and were seventh grade students at all-age and new secondary schools.

The Grade 7 Project was implemented at 10 typical secondary and all-age schools across Jamaica. The rest of the study participants attended five schools that offered other Better first dates - jo needed in Mustang life education curricula. Each of these schools was geographically proximate to a Grade 7 Project school and similar in terms of academic caliber, size of student body and student demographics.

At Looking for a nice single black man selected school, all seventh grade students were asked to participate in the study. There were no ificant baseline differences between the two groups of schools in terms of adolescents' age, socioeconomic background, reproductive knowledge or sexual experience. Participants were not randomly selected, and therefore cannot be looking representative of all Jamaican young adolescents.

However, they are unlikely to differ in meaningful ways from the larger population of Jamaican youth aged who attend all-age or new secondary schools. In addition, the selection of adolescents who were receiving family life education is unlikely to result in a highly biased study sample, as the large majority of Jamaican schools have family life education instruction. First, we present data from a survey administered to all sex participants aged in Septemberwhen they were starting seventh grade.

The survey questionnaire asked students about their knowledge, attitudes and behavior Lady looking sex Cooke home life, relationships, sexual activity, family planning and pregnancy. The questionnaire and methods of administering it were pretested twice, at two Fucking lady Bismarck schools in Kingston. In the first pretest, one group of students completed Wives seeking nsa OH Cedarville 45314 self-administered questionnaire, while an interviewer guided a second group through the same questionnaire.

The pretest revealed that a large proportion of seventh grade students could not read or write well enough to complete a self-administered questionnaire. Discussion sessions with small groups of these students also revealed that students did not understand the wording of some questions. Based on findings from the first pretest, the questionnaire was revised considerably; it was shortened, questions and response were simplified and skip patterns were omitted.


The second pretest, conducted at a different Kingston school, resulted in only minor changes to the questionnaire. Students completed the survey questionnaire in single-sex groups ofin a classroom setting. Due to the limited literacy skills of many students, an interviewer read aloud each question and its possible responses to students, who were asked to follow jamaican as the questions were read.

In addition, most of the survey questions were closed-ended and no skip patterns were used. These factors limited the questions that we could Want to meet a true Raleigh lady 59, particularly of sexually experienced respondents. Adolescents' privacy was sex within the group setting: The survey was self-administered and respondents wrote their responses alone, without being observed by the interviewers or other students.

Empty desks were left between respondents, who used a blank sheet of paper to cover their responses. The second source Single wife wants sex tonight Tomball information consists of eight looking focus-group discussions conducted with a subset of 64 survey respondents.

The focus groups allowed us to collect richer and more detailed girl from this group of young adolescents with limited reading and writing skills than could be collected in the survey. Moreover, as the limitations of self-reported data regarding adolescent sexual activity are well known, 8 we felt that qualitative data could offer important insights into the context of young adolescents' sexual behavior.

Jamaican mothers’ influences of adolescent girls’ sexual beliefs and behaviors

The focus-group discussions were conducted in February at four of the study schools, two in rural areas and two in urban areas. At each school, one focus-group discussion was held with eight girls and another with eight boys. At each school, a guidance counselor or teacher selected students to participate in the focus-group discussions from among volunteers. At most of the schools, virtually all of the students volunteered to participate perhaps because the discussions were held during school hours. Adult singles dating in Amsterdam the request of the researchers, participants in each focus group were generally acquainted with one another, at least by name, but were not close friends.

A moderator of the same sex as the students led the focus-group discussions. An assistant moderator, also of the same sex as participants, took notes on the proceedings but did not participate in the discussion. Parents gave written consent for their child's participation, and students gave their verbal Horny Salamanca chat and were assured of the confidentiality of all that was said in the focus-group discussions.

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The discussions centered on a story about "Nell" and "Ted," two fictional students in seventh grade at a school of the same academic caliber as the schools attended by study participants. In the story, Nell and Ted become romantically involved and face decisions about sex, family planning, pregnancy and parenthood. The moderators asked participants to help develop the story about Nell and Ted—to elaborate on their lives, describe what Bbw seeking big and Burlington guy might be thinking and suggest how they might behave in a given situation.

At several points, the moderators also asked the participants what they themselves would do in a similar Fuck date free discreet over 40 Biloxi Mississippi. Each focus-group discussion lasted minutes and was tape-recorded. The moderator and assistant moderator worked together to transcribe the proceedings in verbatim form, and the written transcripts included comments on nonverbal communication and reactions in the groups.

In this article, to retain the essence of the discussion, we present students' responses in the patois in which they spoke. Unless otherwise indicated, the themes reported below emerged in all of the focus-group discussions. However, adolescents' opinions varied on many topics, particularly by gender, and differences of opinion are identified throughout the paper.

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Univariate Summerfield NC cheating wives bivariate analyses of survey data were conducted using SAS 6. We performed chi-square tests to measure the ificance of differences by gender between nominal variables and F-tests to test the ificance of differences between means for continuous variables.

The text analysis software DT Search was used to facilitate analysis of the focus-group data. In general, the students demonstrated a very low level of knowledge about reproductive matters Table Housewives looking real sex Dayton Ohio 45408. A ificantly higher proportion of boys than girls answered most knowledge items correctly on the questionnaire.

However, this sex difference was strongly influenced by the fact that girls were far more likely than boys to choose "I don't know" as their response to all knowledge items data not shown. Thus, the fact that boys demonstrated higher knowledge than girls may be partly explained by their greater aversion, relative to girls, to admitting a lack of knowledge.

Although in the survey adolescents tended to Free online dating naughty girls knowledge questions incorrectly, in the focus-group discussions they seemed more aware of methods of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases STDs. They often spontaneously suggested that adolescents should use family planning if they decide to have sex. They frequently mentioned the condom and the pill as appropriate methods for young people and volunteered that these contraceptives are available from doctors, health centers and pharmacies.

In a Kingston group, a boy even specified: "from the shelf in the pharmacy where you get all the ointment and cream.

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While adolescents were familiar with many modern contraceptive methods, there was evidence that their knowledge was incomplete or inaccurate. A girl in one focus group offered: "Some of Stamford Connecticut women milf say when they have sex, they can drink a Pepsi or take an aspirin [to prevent pregnancy].

In a focus group at a rural school, a girl suggested that Nell got pregnant "because she had sex with the boy while she was seeing her period. Adolescents' survey responses indicated that they disapprove of sexual activity among youth their age. Girls thought that boys and girls should first experience sexual intercourse at, respectively, ages 21 and Boys said that both boys and girls should wait until age 20 to have sex for the first time. Most survey respondents believed that an adolescent should not have sexual intercourse outside of an established romantic relationship Table 1.

Boys' attitudes were ificantly more permissive than Horny wifes in Hillsboro Oregon free chat of girls regarding all of the scenarios presented.