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These modifications have been established to equalize competition for both male and female participants. All rights reserved.

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The batting order for coed softball has to alternate the sexes. Teams may start the game with the following s of players, with the noted conditions: Starting with 9 players -- If a team elects to start the game with 9 players, the 10th spot in the batting order will be an automatic out.

The batting order will otherwise alternate the sexes. A team starting with 9 players will only be allowed to use 3 outfielders and must adhere to defensive alignment rules.

Premier co-ed sports slow-pitch softball rules

Starting with 10, 12, 14, etc. Coed defensive positioning always shall include two males and two females in the infield, two males and two females in the outfield, and one male and one female in the pitcher - catcher positions. If a team elects to play Married ladies want sex Kearney Nebraska nine, their three outfielders must include at least one male and one female.

On any walk to a male batter intentional or nothe will be awarded first and second bases. The female batter behind him has the option of walking or hitting. NOTE: A male batter - runner advancing to second without touching first Granny fuck in Turnor Lake, Saskatchewan shall be called out if properly appealed.

Players are allowed to run to the backstop to the right of home plate when scoring. Home plate does not have to be touched to score a run. A player may not slide at home plate, but may slide at any of the other bases or across Joliet thanksgiving sexy home plate extension.

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If a runner slides at home plate, he will be called out. A line will be placed halfway between home and 3rd base, perpendicular to the foul line.

If a player runs into a defensive player who has contact with home plate, he is out. If he runs into the defensive player in a flagrant manner, he will be ejected from the game. Softball Co-Ed Rules 1.

The same ball will be hit by men and women. If a player does touch home plate, he will be considered safe.

A defensive player has an option to tag the runner or touch home plate. Teams are permitted to up 20 players.